The joy of the Lord is MY strength

As I share about my own journey, at times I have chosen to share about the depression I experience. I force myself to do this in an attempt to keep us talking about these issues that many people go through, and everyone wants to sweep under the rug.

The fact is that many, if not most, go through these seasons of darkness and it drastically affects our lives. For me, it affects my home life as my patience for others dwindles, my motivation to do ANYTHING fails and my inability to focus/concentrate/remember push those lists of to-do’s into the mental circular file (aka recycle bin). Additionally, it strains relationships and trust because of my perceived callousness or “attitude problem”. It … Click to Continue

Christ’s resilience of in the life of a man

I was studying this week and came across some colorful commentary on church history. Most specifically I found a book on Heretics (see “Heretics” by G. K. Chesterton – 1905). Now, by colorful I mean it was actually, REALLY interesting. Yet when compared to the life of the author himself, the content of the book pales.

The writer, one Gilbert Keith Chesterton, was a most gifted and prolific writer. In addition to 69 published books before his death G.K. left another 10 or so books unfinished. Chesterton defended Faith, Christianity, and the importance of Orthodoxy (the authorized, accepted christian doctrines) with fire and inspiration. G.K. vigorously rejected ideas like “eugenics” and ethnic cleansing. Gilbert even wrote about … Click to Continue

Men’s Fraternity Update: meeting location

Meeting location is my main discussion point today, however first, an update on Season 1 of our Men’s Fraternity Saturday cohort is in order.

Men’s Fraternity season update:

Men's Fraternity LogoWe are continually blessed with a good turn-out for our Saturday morning sessions. Today’s session contained great material, including a discussion on setting healthy boundaries. We also closed out the section on unpacking the past and dealing with old wounds. There were great discussions this morning, and I am encouraged to by every interaction.  I am proud of each man that has taken on the challenge of facing our past wounds. May Jesus bless this effort and each man that is … Click to Continue

Coming into spring.

The Strong Foundation Logo

I haven’t written much lately, but it’s end of another month and I want to take a moment to talk about what we are doing. is under some maintenance. First, we have added new features and cleaned up some of the pages. The new features added are for event tracking and registration. This was done to help us start new groups and track when a new group needs to be kicked off. You might notice that some older pages are gone. Most of those pages were focused on events that have long since ended. With the creation of the events calendar, and individual event pages, those type of event pages are no longer and the new one are more easily maintained.

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Christian Leaders Need To Apply

Hey Friends, a quick announcement…

A Christian Non-Profit Organization I happen to be very fond of, is in search of some new blood. They are looking for someone who is willing to take on the mantle of director. The need someone that is a strong leader and organizer, that can work with a team and is able to provide some vision.

I care about this particular organization and really want to see if succeed. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in. Although, there is a training period, I won’t refer you unless I know you have experience in a leadership role.

I know there are some of you that are ministry and “Kingdom Minded”. I … Click to Continue

Who is this guy?

I love feedback and discussion. Today’s post was motivated by discussions that came after a Men’s Discipleship group called Resolute, that I attend once a week. Thanks to one member’s prompting, (thanks Rob), we’ve started to continue our discussion after the regular meeting so that we can check-in with one another and help with accountability. Some part of that is talking about our current struggles and that means getting really transparent about who we are and what we deal with at a very personal level. As I listened to some of the discussion, I felt the spirit move me to share a little of my past experience with purity struggles. As I shared some strategies I’ve learned from others … Click to Continue

A Strong Launch

First, a little back story: (CS) began as a Men’s Fraternity group that simply kept meeting after the three seasons. We explored Apologetics, Biblical history, and Strength of Character, as found in the example given in the Books found in the Bible, like Joshua, Daniel, and many others.

For a season, the Lord put it on my heart to mentor other men. As I did so, I began writing and speaking, and started to dream of the CalebStrong curriculum. I became involved (and thus distracted) by another good work. This work was an idea for a ministry called Redeemed-N-Delivered(RnD). RnD’s goal was to minister to broken families, through a prison ministry, through a single parents ministry and through service … Click to Continue

A New Men’s Fraternity Cohort (CS) began as a Men’s Fraternity group that simply kept meeting after the three seasons. We explored Apologetics, Biblical history, and Strength of Character, as found in the example given in the Books found in the Bible, like Joshua, Daniel, and many others.
For a season, the lord put it on my heart to mentor other men, and as I did so, I began writing and speaking, the dream of the Caleb Strong curriculum began.

Well, we are now at the beginning of a new year and I think it is time to revisit the wisdom and time tested process that started my journey back to full reliance on Jesus.

I am curious if anyone is interested in … Click to Continue

Learning Style, Giftedness, and Strategy

I was asked to complete an analysis of my communication style, personality strengths and identify how we learn for a class. We did this by taking a few tests and then discussed the results within the group  (wow this was back in 2015). This was the breakdown for my personality type, communication and learning style.

Learning Inventory:

My personal learning style is a combination of tactile and audio learning styles. I process information through discussion and experimentation. I primarily enforce learning through teaching and coaching others and applying lessons to real world applications. Hands-on labs are also highly effective for me as a way to absorb information. As one who prefers active experimentation,  I may be challenged in this world of online … Click to Continue

Control is an illusion.

A really good question came up in last week’s Men’s group.

The question for discussion was:

What are you holding onto and stressing about?

What is the motivation behind not giving it over to the Father?

Here is my emailed response, though it has been edited to correct some mistakes I caught in review, it is pretty close to the original response:

I am sitting in my living room and using it as an office. I am putting together a vision plan and strategy for the new year. This is new for me because I while I have done this in the context of a company or as a department manager, this is the first time I’ve done this … Click to Continue

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